The Vision

The Case Class is a program that addresses motivated Bachelor students with a distinct interest in case solving. Our goal is to facilitate meaningful discourse around strategic decision-making and to equip our students with the skills and knowledge they need to represent the University of St. Gallen at international case competitions. In order to achieve this, students will need to solve case studies and present your solutions to an expert jury. We offer exclusive lectures by Bain and Company as well as by professors. This will enable students to compete with other highly skilled teams from around the world.

In order to represent the University of St.Gallen and help further strengthen its reputation, we aim to find the ambitious students, who are willing to improve their skills and take on this challenge. You represent HSG!

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History of the Case Class

The Case Class is based on a cooperation between the University of St. Gallen and the Consulting Club and first took place in 2014. With extensive training, provided in workshops, presentation sessions and lectures on critical content, our participating students could develop advanced case solving and presentation skills and use them to successfully participate in international case competitions in North America, Europe and Asia. 

Benefits of participation

Winning a case competition is incredibly difficult, and winning one will grant a rare and unique badge of distinction. Joining the Case Class can help students distinguish themselves to employers. Besides this, students develop an intuition for successful business ideas and improve their public speaking skills enormously. Students put all their knowledge into practice and are motivated to deepen it much further. Please note that participating in the Case Class is completely free as the club covers all travel costs


Structure of the Case Class

Twelve students are selected for the case class and will start their journey with a kick-off weekend to familiarize themselves with the basic tools necessary to solve a strategy case. This event will be followed by weekly case presentations, lectures about strategy, finance as well as advanced case solving workshops and a highly insightful presenting workshop with consultants from Bain & Company. During these case presentations, participants will get feedback from an expert jury, consisting of consultants, academic staff, and students with case solving experience, to facilitate their development. This program is designed to fit in with your Bachelor studies; the cases, lectures and workshops do however require a substantial amount of time. No cases are solved during the study-phase.



"Before the case class, I rarely encountered such high level of motivation and ambition at university. The competitions were the rewarding highlight of the memorable experience in the Case Class, where a lot of good friends and experiences were made."
"I am thrilled to recommend the Case Class to every student at HSG, who is interested in the consulting industry. It is a great way of learning about how consultants work and interact. Moreover, we got to know the big consulting companies, that are keen to recruit students from the Case Class."
"The case class was a great fruitful way to invest my free time throughout the semester. It's not only learning about consulting but about improving a set of skills that are important in any job or aspect of working life. "
"The case class is a great way to distinguish yourself to employers. Many students have participated in clubs, few have won competitions. "
"The cool thing of Case Competitions is that you solve a real problem given by a company. Often the CEO or CFO are there, and you can have a short talk with them. "

Team members

Tim Gander
RESORT Head of Case Class
STUDY PROGRAM Bachelor in Business Administration
Samuele Predonzani
RESORT Head of Case Class
STUDY PROGRAM Bachelor in Economics