member event

Excel Training - Basic

COMPANY Consulting Club
LOCATION St. Gallen, Raum 09-011
DATE 14 Nov 2017 18:15 -
14 Nov 2017 20:00

Stuck with an Excel problem, and quite sure there has to be a simpler solution? A common scenario during university and when starting a consulting career.

With certain tricks from one of our Excel experts, you will be able to use Excel more efficiently and save time. Take this opportunity to improve your Excel skills for an internship in consulting and get useful tips and tricks on shortcuts among many other things.


  • Data organization: Keyboard shortcuts, Inserting, deleting and hiding rows, columns, sheets, Find and replace, Sort, Delineate, Grouping rows and columns, Merge cells, centre across selection, Format cells, Conditional formatting, Wrap text, Number formats, Date formats, Freeze panes, Open link, Sort and filter

  • Data manipulation: Basic formula like sum, min, max, average, count, fx function, Copy vs cut formulas, Freeze reference cells, If and iferror, Subtotal, Paste special, Pivot (basic), Vlookup (basic)

There is no need for Excel knowledge as this is the introductory course. There will be an advanced Excel Training later this semster. This is a member-only workshop with unlimited spots. We ask you to bring your own device. 

We look forward to seeing you there!