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PowerPoint & Presentation Training

COMPANY Consulting Club
DATE 17 Apr 2019 19:00 -
17 Apr 2019 21:00

Polish your skills! Want to efficiently create beautiful PowerPoint presentations but don’t know where to start? A common scenario during university and when starting a consulting career. With certain tricks from our PowerPoint pro as well as a master slide deck, you will be able to use PowerPoint more efficiently and save time. After you have improved your skills in building slides, you will learn some helpful tools how to present. The last part of the training will be a short group session to practice the discussed presentation skills. Take this opportunity to improve your PowerPoint skills for an internship in consulting and get useful tips and tricks on presenting your results.

Part 1 

  • Organizing/arranging a deck
  • Slide master
  • Shortcuts (Alt / Mac toolbar)
  • Moving objects
  • Formatting shapes / objects
  • Alignment
  • Inserting Excel data

Part 2 

  • Input presentation skills
  • Touch, turn, talk
  • One person, one thought
  • How to start right
  • How to handle situations of stress
  • Group exercise

There is no need for previous PowerPoint knowledge. This is a member-only workshop with limited spots. We ask you to bring your own device.

We look forward to seeing you there!