Access to analytics - Meet the McKinsey Data Science Hub in Zurich!

COMPANY McKinsey & Company
LOCATION McKinsey Zurich, Bleicherweg 30, 8002 Zurich
DATE 16 May 2019 18:00 -
16 May 2019 21:00

Meet the McKinsey Data Science Hub in Zurich!

Are you curious to find out how McKinsey uses data science and analytics in the business world? Who works at McKinsey Analytics and what does a Data Scientist do within consulting? Come and join us for an interactive session where we will walk you through real use case examples of how to apply optimization, machine learning, and AI across a wide variety of industries and functions. Dr. Tom Svrcek, a McKinsey Analytics Partner in the Boston office, will share his personal story of how his passion for data science brought him back to McKinsey after having headed his own airline and launching an analytics boutique firm in the US. There will be plenty of time to ask all questions that are on your mind, and finger food and drinks will also be provided. In addition, we will be having a recruiter on site who can give you informal CV coaching on a separate note, should you be interested.