Consulting Club x Session VC x Innovis VC

COMPANY Consulting Club x Session VC x Innovis VC
DATE 20 May 2022 11:00 - 20 May 2022 13:00

Are you interested in Venture Capital and Start-Ups?
Together with Innovis VC and Session VC, we host an event where you learn relevant skills and get new insights from the VC World.

Event Agenda
1. Introduction: Theoretical input from a speaker of Session VC.
2. Group work: In groups, the participants come up with a potential business idea using the input that they previously received. Afterward, every group pitches its ideas in the plenum. The winning team receives a small price.
3. Discussion: Together with everyone we discuss what the groups have correctly taken into account and what potential hazards were missed out, respectively what the groups could have done better.
Lastly, Session VC gives some insights into the steps from a pitch to the actual financing of a Start-Up.