Starting-up a new bank

COMPANY Ernst & Young AG
DATE 20 Oct 2015 08:15 -
20 Oct 2015 12:00

Your EY Partner is invited to a confidential offsite in Hong Kong hosted by an Asian investor. Subject is to discuss the ambition and plan to start-up a new bank focusing on the Asian market. Your role as part of the EY team is to develop a client-ready solution proposal. The banking sector is facing significant structural changes globally. Besides technological changes, which both impact client behavior and business operations, and regulatory requirements, markets such as China, Singapore, Indonesia or Malaysia are pressing ahead with tremendous growth. Incumbent banking institutions are struggling with their legacy operating models and infrastructure to adapt to these new realities and are therefore impeded in delivering value for clients and shareholders.  Client's objective In combination with positive growth forecasts of 10% p.a. and irresponsive banking models, our client has identified an opportunity for setting-up a new bank. As the client has no experience in financial services and has no direct access to a pool of relevant talent, he decided to engage EY.  EY Mandate Build the bank, from articulating its strategy, defining its business model to start the actual business operation. 

Notice: Application period starts 5th of October and ends 11th of October 11:59pm.